Official website of Psychobilly Horrorpunk Gothabilly Musician, Dusty Grave, co-founder of Stellar CorpsesBAT! and Batcave Records.

“Who are those masked men?”

We are BAT! The one and only masked vigilante supergroup featuring members of Nekromantix, The Brains, Rezurex & Stellar Corpses.

As masked crime fighting rock n’ rollers, we deliver a high energy live performance that includes elements of burlesque and bondage. Fans are tantalized and villains are often punished on stage while we whip the crowd into a frenzy with our signature BatRock, reminiscent of The Damned, The Cramps and the Stray Cats.

Debut album coming soon from Cleopatra Records & Batcave Records!

Red Bat

Bat Bass

Green Bat

Bat Drums

Green Bat

Bat Guitar